Portfolio Of Projects

The founder members of MH&A Consulting Engineers

have a wide and varied portfolio of projects that they have been involved in.

Structural & Building Design:

Shopping Centres
Office Blocks
Wine Cellars (underground)
Community Centres
Aviation Hangars and Facilities
Exhibition Buildings
Factory:   Warehouse
Factory:   Manufacturing
Fire Stations
Dilapidation Surveys
Temporary Structures

Civil Design:

High level vineyard contouring
Municipal Services
Residential Township Services
Bulk Water Supply
Bulk Sewerage Disposal and Pump Stations
Bulk Stormwater Handling
Minor Bridges
Taxi-Ways and Apron Slabs
Earth and Water retaining structures

Building By Bag Construction System

MH&A have designed and developed a housing system to satisfy an ongoing need in the construction industry and will have the potential to create employment throughout the country.

Unskilled labour can manufacture all of these products with minimal training.

Pile Driving

for lateral support and foundation solutions

Inner City Re-Development

of existing buildings maintaining valuable facades

Exhibition and Display Facilities

Including motor vehicle showrooms

Aircraft Hangars

And Aircraft Maintenance Facilities

Office Blocks And Residential Apartment Blocks

Residential Apartments

Large Warehouse Distribution Centres

Large Warehousing

Multi Storage Parking Garage

Cold Storage and Fruit Packing

Temporary Structure

J&B Met

Double Storey